Who says diamonds are a girls best friend?

Jasmine Brown

Men like to say that diamonds are a girls best friend but us women know the truth. In all honesty shoes are our best friends! Women love shoes. We love how they can make us appear taller and leaner, we love all the beautiful colors and styles they come in and we especially love when Spring rolls around and we get to break out our open toe shoes! So I know you are all wondering what shoes are HOT and what shoes are NOT for Spring and Summer so lets get started!  

HOT: Pointed Toe flats

Any pointed toe shoes are good in my book but particularity flats for the simple reason that they extend the line of your leg making you appear taller and thinner and since they are flats they can easily be worn everyday! Another plus to rocking these fabulous shoes is that they come across a lot dressier than other flats so you don't have to work so hard at attaining that business casual look!

NOT: Rounded Toe Flats

Now don't get me wrong, there is a place and time for every style of shoe including rounded toe flats however if you are planning on purchasing new shoes for Spring and Summer I greatly urge you to go with the pointed toe. By wearing a rounded toe shoe of any kind you instantly appear more child like which is not what you want when your going for chic. Also rounded toe shoes cut off your leg line which can sometimes make you appear shorter. 

HOT: Gladiator Sandals

A Gladiator sandal can be defined as any sandal that has a strap that comes above your ankle but there are many versions of this shoe ranging from one subtle ankle strap all the way to extreme where they can wrap all the way up to your knee. These sandals are fabulous because they are usually leather so they can be cleaned easily and they look expensive and also because they give off a very cool BOHO vibe to anyone who is rocking them. These sandals are great paired with a flowy dress or boyfriend jeans! 

NOT: Flip Flops

You know how earlier I said there was an appropriate time and place for every shoe? The same is true for flip flops the appropriate place for flip flops is at the beach or in the trash! Ladies stop buying the $5 plastic shoes from old navy, seriously it is a nation wide addiction that must be stopped. Replace your old worn out flip flops with a nice pair of leather sandals. The initial investment will be a little higher but trust me it will be so worth it. 

HOT: Keds

My mother always likes to tell me how trends are always coming back into style from when she was my age, for example my infatuation for bellbottom pants. She loves it and it's happening again with Keds! These cool shoes are super comfy and they can be worn with any outfit and look super cool and sexy. They come in hundreds of colors and prints so you can mix and match them with everything in your closet! 

NOT: Toms

Okay before I get attacked let me just say that I do not hate Toms however I like to keep my follows on their toes so you must know Toms are so last year. Keds are the new Toms so give them a try this Summer! Keep your toms in your closet because who knows they might come back around! 

Now that you are up to date on all the latest shoe trends for Spring and Summer it is time to get out there and buy! Remember if you can go for a higher quality shoe because it will be well worth it in the end and as always if you don't love it, don't buy it! 


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