Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Aero Boutique

Here at Aero Boutique we believe in the greatness of privacy and value our own, so of course we value yours! We will never give out any information to other companies or third parties.

We want you all to know that the reason we get personal information is for the following reasons:

  • Your address is used for payment and shipping info
  • Your phone number is used in case we need to contact you if a problem occurs, and of course our texting club so you can get awesome deals!
  • You email address is used so we can send you a conformation email and so you can track your order

We do not bombard you with calls because you placed an order, actually we never call unless there is a problem.

By joining our emailing list and texting club, you agree to receive messages from us that will contain savings and other goodies you’ll love! So keep an eye out for those.

If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us about your questions, comments and concerns!