Transitioning your Wardrobe

Jasmine Brown

Transitioning our wardrobes from season to season is possibly one of the most difficult things about being a fashionista. To many people the fashion industry doesn't make a lot of sense. Like why are stores selling Spring and Summer clothes in February? We may never know the answer to this question but since we do know it happens we can expect it and even prepare for it. 

First we must look into our closet and see what is missing. Do you have tons more tops than bottoms or are you missing accessories? Whatever your closet seems bare of is what you should be searching for. Try to get pieces that can be worn now and later and stay away from "Summer Only" items such as rompers at least until March:)! 

Next, when you are shopping look for pieces that can be layered or worn alone. For example the absolute best transitioning piece is a cardigan. For cold days it can be worn with long sleeve and jeans and when it warms up you can wear it with a piko top and shorts! Other examples would be neutral colored dresses. If it is chilly outside you can throw on a light sweater and be on your way or if it is hot just wear the dress alone with a cute sun hat! 

Last we need to think about footwear. During this strange time you don't really want to be wearing knee high boots but I think we can all agree it is a little too cold for sandals and wedges thus a magical thing called the bootie was invented. Booties are simply a short ankle length boot that will keep your feet warm and your legs cool. Booties are great because they can be worn in Fall, Winter and Spring making them the most versatile shoe in my opinion. 

In order to complete your outfits simply gauge the weather outside. If it is a little warm outside rock a fun hat and jewelry and if it is cold throw on a scarf. Transitioning is all about layers and as long as you understand that you have everything under control! For more examples of layering clothing check out the Aero models on our website! Until next week loves! 


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