Confidence is your best Accessory!

Jasmine Brown

Today's blog is all about accessorizing! That's right ladies just because your outfit is on point and you are feeling like a stunner down't mean you are done. In my opinion the best thing about being a woman is all the fun fashion choices we get that men don't so we should always, always, always take advantage of these choices. We will start at the head and work our way down. 

One of the best accessories that is also the most criticized are hats! Hats are a great thing, they can take your outfit from good to great and cover up a bad hair day! What could be better than that? Here are 3 instances in which you should 100% be wearing a hat. 

1. At the beach! Ladies this is the perfect opportunity to rock a big huge fun floppy hat, the bigger the better! Aside from being adorable a big plus to wearing a big floppy hat with your swim suit is that it actually makes your body look smaller because it is so big! Yay! 

2. Girls Night Out! The reason girls night out is the perfect place to rock a super fun fedora is because women understand fashion. Your girl friends will swoon over how gorgeous and fashionable you look where as your man may look at you a little strange. Not because you don't look great, but because he doesn't understand! 

3. Sports Events! This is the perfect time to pull out your favorite baseball caps, throw your hair in a pony and be on your way! This allows you to give off a vibe that you are up for anything and your guy will love it! 

Next we need to talk about jewelry! Jewelry can make or break your outfit! Take a boring old plain dress and pair it with a rockin' statement necklace for a chic outfit that will get tons of great complements! The key with jewelry is to have one focus piece. For example if you are wearing huge dangling statement earrings skip a necklace and then go with some dainty bracelets! Just be sure that your accessories aren't fighting over the attention! 

Last but not least lets talk about shoes. Yes of course I know you already wear shoes but are you wearing the right shoes? Just as with jewelry you have to decide what you want to pop in your outfit. It can't be the outfit and the shoes because that puts off a Vegas dancer look and we don't want that. So if you have some hot pink stilettos that you have been dying to wear pair them with a simple LBD or if you are covered in sequins head to toe try pairing your outfit with simple nude wedges! 

I know accessorizing can be challenging but once you get the hang of it you will be a show stopper! Just remember if you are looking for some inspiration for how to accessorize your new outfit just log onto our website and see how we accessorized our models! Also confidence is the BEST accessory you can have so put on your new outfit, stand up tall, smile and conquer the world! It's goodbye for now ladies! See you again next time! 


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