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Jasmine Brown

Women who work in a professional atmosphere seem to have a misconception about the things we sell here at Aero Boutique. Let me describe the exchange that I have with seemingly every one of these women. 

Me: Hey how are you? What can I help you with?

Profession woman: Yes, I am looking for something for my up coming business trip. I am required to dress "business casual" but I was really wanting something new. I doubt you will have anything that is "appropriate" 

Lets just stop right there for a moment, we need to get something straight. Aero Boutique is not the same thing as Forever 21 or any other shop you are used to taking your 13 year daughter to. Yes we sell the occasional crop top and romper but we are catered to dress the everyday average woman and this includes professional women! Not only do we have something that you would deem "appropriate" we have something that you will love, something that will make you feel refreshed and chic every time you wear it! 

Okay back to my story...

Me: Actually we have tons of great things that you would love for your business trip! How about I grab you some stuff and you try it on and see how you like it?

Profession woman: Okay but nothing with a bold print, bright color, unique silhouette or anything interesting. 

I of course am exaggerating this but many business woman do believe that they must wear black slacks and  a white button up to be "appropriate". This is not true! Incorporate fun colors and patterns into your everyday life and you will notice a change! You will notice that you get more compliments and that you are excited to get up and get dressed in the morning! 

Me: Weeeellll.... We don't have anything like that so I'm just going to put this stuff I picked out in your dressing room. 

Profession woman: Okay I will try it but there is no way I can wear this stuff to work. 

(Tries on clothes)

Professional woman: OMG! I look fabulous! I didn't know it was possible for me to look so stylish and appropriate! I'm getting everything! 

Me: Well I won't say I told you so. I'm just glad you found some great stuff and a new favorite store!

Profession Woman: I will never go anywhere else to shop! Thank you so much for your help! 

Me: It's no problem! We love transforming women's lives by overhauling their wardrobe and therefore their confidence! Have a great day! Thank you for shopping at Aero Boutique! 

Seriously just because we are a boutique does not mean we only carry things for college students. We carry things for women of all ages and all professions! Stop wearing those boring black slacks everyday! Incorporate some color and fun into your wardrobe at Aero Boutique! 

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