Bathing Suit Shopping 101

Jasmine Brown

It is time again for us to start thinking about what suits we will be rocking for Spring Break and Summer Vacay '15! Many women dread this time of year but it doesn't have to be like that! Finding the perfect suit is possible and although you may need to pay a little more for better quality, it will all be worth it when you are strutting your stuff and feeling like a million bucks on the beach! The most important thing many us need to realize is that we have to dress for our body. Something that is extremely flattering on a pear shape may not be great for an athletic body type! There are four main body types that most people fit into: Pear, Apple, Hourglass and Athletic. All of these body types can look great as long as they are in the correct suit! 

For Pears

Pear shapes are known for their fabulous booty and the key for you is to find a suit that hits right on the hips but also emphasizes your bust to even out your figure. If you are looking for a two-piece we suggest a good fitting solid colored bottom and a printed top. This will bring the attention to your bust and away from your hips helping to create an hourglass figure! If you are planning on rocking a one-piece we suggest a solid color with some ruching on the tummy and sides. This will disguise your tummy area and show off your bust giving you a gorgeous silhouette!

For Apples

Women with an apple shape are usually very busty so the key for you guys is SUPPORT! Find a suit that fits you similarly to how your bra fits you. Stay away from the string bikinis, these are not your friend! If you decide to go with a print use smaller prints, they will be more flattering on your figure. 

For Hourglass

Women with an hourglass shape usually have a small waist and  proportioned hips and bust. Some wonderful suits to emphasize your fabulous figures are one-piece bathing suits with cutouts or vintage high waist bathing suits! You have an easier body to work with than most so have fun and take risks! 

For Athletic

Ladies with athletic body types are always trying to find new ways to create curves on their body because they tend to be the same width from top to bottom. Our suggestion to you is to wear lots of ruffles. Ruffles create volume on your body and give you great curves. We also suggest that you try suits with bold prints and bustier-style tops to enhance your bust. 

Once you find the perfect suit it is time to accessorize! A great way to add style to your suit is with a matching sheer cardigan, a fierce pair of sunglasses and a huge floppy hat! The best way to love your bathing suit is to make it into an outfit! Most importantly stop fretting about swim season, just have fun and let your style shine through no matter what suit you decide on and you are sure to look fabulous! 

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