Streak Free Summer

Jasmine Brown

If you have ever been in South Georgia during the Summer you will come to find out that tanning is a huge deal to us! Once Winter is over we all come out of hibernation and begin to worry about the important things in life like what swim suit we are going to be wearing this year, what is our go-to cocktail going to be but most importantly what is the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to get a good dark tan? Of course most people's first reaction is to jump in the tanning bed. I personally love the tanning bed in moderation but what about those people who don't tan well or just don't like tanning beds? For those people a good self tanner is everything, but how do you know what is good and what is going to leave you looking like a giant cheeto? Here are 3 of my favorite self tanners to get you that sun kissed glow without nasty orange streaks! 

Jergan's Natural Glow

This is by far the easiest self tanner to apply and the cheapest. Jergan's is a lotion that gradually tans even the fairest skin. There is no worry of streaks, no worry of turning orange! I suggest this self tanner to people who are beginners at tanning. This tanner can be found with the lotion at any Wal-Mart for about $8! 

Fake Bake

Fake Bake is a product that I discovered last year and now literally every girl at Aero Boutique uses this! Fake Bake has many different self tanning products and you can literally not go wrong with any of them! This product comes with a tanning mitt that you spray the product on and then rub it into your skin, you wait at least 2 hours (I sleep in mine) and then you wash it off and a beautiful tan glow is left! Before washing it off you may appear streaky but this go away after washing. This product is what I would consider cheap to mid range coming in at about $16 a bottle on Amazon! One bottle will last all Summer

Beautisol Tanning Mousse

Beautisol is a gradual tanning mousse that is fast dying and will leave you with a natural glow all season long! One of my favorite things about this product is that is doesn't come with any gross self tanner smell! This tanner will leave you moisturized without the yucky orange streaks! This product is a little pricey but the quality will show! Get this on Amazon for around $30! 

All of these products can be combined with natural tanning or tanning in a salon to get the darkest natural tan possible! Don't be self conscious of your legs in that Summer sun dress, just slap on one of these fabulous self tanners and be confident that everyone will think you have been vacationing in the Bahamas! Until next time loves! Stay Beautiful! 


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