Spring Cleaning 101

Jasmine Brown

As you all know we have been doing tons of Spring Cleaning here at Aero Boutique! That means awesome sales for you guys and more space for us so we all win but now it is time to focus on our personal closets and we are all a little hesitant. Change can be scary and admitting that we may have a teeny weeny shopping problem is even harder but in order to make room for all the beautiful new Spring items we are snagging from Aero it is necessary. I will address the three main problems everyone faces when tasked with the DREADED Spring Cleaning chore. 

1. What do I keep and what do I throw out? 

This is something that we all struggle with. I mean a woman's clothes become a part of her after a while but we have to make decisions so you need to stop looking at your clothes as memories and start realizing that some of these old rags are holding you back from becoming the new and improved version of yourself that you are striving to become. In order to decide what I throw out and what I keep I ask myself these three questions. 

-Does it fit or is it no more than one size too small or too big? 

If you are hoarding those size 0 jeans you rocked in high school you need to let it go. I'm not saying you couldn't work hard and get back down to that weight but if you do then you deserve new jeans anyways so just let them go. 

-Have I worn it in the past year? 

Of course special occasion pieces don't count but if you are holding on to an old cardigan that you haven't worn in 3 years but you might maybe possibly wear next Fall then let it go. You will more than likely not even miss it. 

-Is it damaged? 

Unfortunately clothes are not unbreakable, in face many of them are very delicate and we as ladies are rough on our cashmere sweaters and riding boots. If anything you own has holes in it throw it out! You will never wear it again and it is just taking up space. 

2. What do I do with all of the things I don't keep? 

Okay obviously if it is damaged you should either throw it in the trash or use the fabric for other projects however if it is not damaged you may want to try and sell it on Facebook or other social media sights. Remember "one mans trash is another mans treasure" and why not make a few bucks out of your old things if you can? If you would rather not bother with selling these items or if you have sold what you can and have left overs a good idea is to donate them to your local Good-Will it will make you feel good and you can write it off on your taxes! 

3. How do I prevent my closet from getting full of junk again?

This is a trick I discovered on Pinterest and I have used it ever since. Go into your closet and turn all your hangers so that the open size faces outwards, once you wear an item turn the hanger the right way. If you continue this by the time Spring rolls around you will be able to easily identify what you have and haven't worn!  

Now that everyone's closet is all cleaned out it is time to stop back up! Shop at Aero Boutique to find the latest Spring Trends to fit any woman's lifestyle! Until next time loves! 


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