Denim is a way of Life

Jasmine Brown

Jeans are always a sore subject to women, no matter what shape or size you are they are difficult to fit or you don't know what to wear with them or you aren't sure what wash is best for you! I am here today to straighten up this mess! Ladies you need to learn to embrace jeans. They do not have to be uncomfortable or frumpy. It is all about finding the right pair for you. 

Lets start off with cut. Jeans come in hundreds of styles but I'm going to focus on three styles that are trending right now. Flare, Skinny, and Boyfriend. 

Flare jeans are particularly a favorite of mine because they remind me of the 70's which I personally consider to be the best decade in history. Flare jeans can easily be dressed up to look more "grown up" by pairing them with a blazer and heels or you can go with a BOHO vibe by pairing them with a flowy top and a headband. Flare jeans are particularly great for Pear shaped women or women with bigger hips because the bell at the bottom balances out your legs. 

Skinny jeans tend to be kinda scary to women, especially older women or moms. They think skinny jeans are only supposed to be worn by sticks or that they are too old. That is crazy. Skinnies can look very professional with just a tiny bit of effort. Pair them with a dressy chiffon top and wedges for a great date night look! Skinnies tend to look great on women with an hourglass or athletic figure because they show off your curves but EVERYONE can rock these jeans. 

Boyfriend jeans are relatively new on the market making them slightly mysterious. Women don't know what to pair with these pants but let me tell you ladies these are the most versatile pair of pants you will have in your closet! Pair them with anything from a piko top to a crop top. It honestly doesn't matter you will look great! Boyfriend jeans are super comfy and can be worn by everyone! Use your shoes to dress your look up or down! 

The next struggle that women face is what wash of jeans they should buy. There are two simple rules to follow when deciding this. How fancy is the occasion? For fancy or nicer occasions stick with a dark wash. You will look nice and put together. For a more casual look go lighter. Light jeans give off a more "hip" vibe than their darker counterparts making them great for a party or girl's night! The next way to judge what wash you should be wearing is by how tight the fit is. The tighter the jeans are the darker they should be. For example skinny jeans in my opinion should always be dark but Boyfriend jeans can look great in a light wash! 

Last but not least, What top should you pair with what jeans? An easy rule to follow here is if your bottoms are tight your top should be loose and if your bottoms are loose your top should be more fitted. By pairing two loose things together you run the risk of looking frumpy and by pairing two fitted things together you run the risk of looking cheap. 

Jeans do not have to be scary. By following these rules you will be on your way to rocking denim everyday! Check out Old Navy, Gap, American Eagle and of course Aero Boutique for a great pair of jeans! Until next time loves!


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