Defining your Style

Everyone whether you know it or not has their own unique style. Some of us like to go preppy with cable knit sweaters and tweed everything where others tend to go more boho channeling their inner flower child. No matter what your particular style is in order to take it to the top of its game you must go all the way in. 

Begin by choosing a style that fits your personality. It doesn't have to be one specific style that can be defined in a dictionary. It can be a mixture of different styles just as long as you think it represents the person that you are and the person that you want to be represented as. 

Once you have chosen a style you will find stores that cater to your particular style, for example if you consider your style to be more alternative you will probably frequent Hot Topic where as if you define your style as preppy you will probably find yourself at J.Crew. Keep in mind that just because you dress a certain way doesn't mean you must be defined that way your entire life. If you are in college you probably dress more risque than future you who works in a law firm and that's okay because as people we are constantly evolving and changing and our wardrobe must transition with us. 

Now that you have your signature style and you know where to shop it's all about completing your looks. Remember that pulling off your style is not only about the clothes you wear but also your over all appearance including shoes, jewelry, hair and make up. 

Research the style you are into and see how other people are doing it and change it to fit you. Fashion is supposed to be about having fun and expressing yourself so enjoy this journey that you are on and don't be afraid to change your style based on how you feel or which part of you that you wish to represent that day. 

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