Sunny and 75

Jasmine Brown

Summer can be a frustrating month for many women in South Georgia. It is so hot it literally feels like your in Hell every time you step outside so you want to wear as little clothes as possible but you also want to be modest and feel comfortable in the clothes you wear! I'm not saying that I can solve all your problems but there are a few things you can do to keep you a little cooler during these crazy hot months! 

-Pay close attention to fabric

The fabric that your clothes is made out of can make a huge difference in how hot you feel in your clothes. I suggest wearing as much breathable cotton as you can find and staying away from polyester! Some fabrics that look like they would be cool, chiffon for example are actually not very cool at all because they are not breathable and they tend to stick to your skin if you begin to sweat. 

-Stay away from tight fitting clothes

I know that every woman feels sexy in her favorite pair of skinny jeans and that can make it difficult to stick them in the back of the closet until Fall but if you want to stay cool you have to stay away from tight fitting denim. For your next date night try a nice flowy sun dress with your favorite wedges. You will still feel beautiful but also cool. 

-Try not to be self conscious

Every woman has parts of her that she likes to cover up. Some woman don't like showing off their arms and some hate their legs but during these hot months I suggest you tell yourself you're beautiful because you definitely are and rock that tank top! You will feel better which means you will automatically look better! I'm not suggesting you dress revealing or risque just dress in a way that is comfortable for you. 

I know the Summer in Georgia can be a trying time for all of us but by following these few helpful tips we may be able to get through it. Some great places to shop for Summer clothes are Old Navy, Torrid for our curvy ladies, and of course your local Boutiques! Until next time Dolls! 


Aero Dolls! 

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