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Niki Powell

Its that time of year again, out with the old and in with the new! Lets all take a moment and remember 2016 for all its ups and we move on! January means the spring styles are peeking out and the New York fashion show is in full swing. This year I made it a point to check in and see what new styles and tweaked fashions of older years were making there way to stores near you, including Aero!

Diving right in,lets talk about bold printed floral(swooning). Obviously floral print has made its mark in the fashion world and as we go into this new year it is definitely not leaving anytime soon. Instead its been reinvented and made even bolder! When it comes to bigger and bolder prints floral can top your charts and make a statement at any occasion you find yourself going into.

 Another big hitter that I keep seeing on all the fashion blogs/magazines is stripes! Back in the day people were very cautious about wearing any item that had stripes going around, but honey that is a thing if the PAST! This year embrace every curve and wear that rounded stripe because you will obviously be the epitome of fashion! 

Before the dawn of fashion I personally believe that tieups and cut outs were meant to live happily ever after. It took some time but finally 2017 decided it agreed with me! This year the two most amazing inventions have bonded and come together! (YAY) Who can even deny that these two obviously belong together.

Looking into the future is not exactly a past time of mine, but I can definitely tell you that 2017 is surly to be one where all of us spectacular ladies can shine in one form or another! No matter your size, shape or style this year is all about showing who you are and taking a step outside of our comfort zones. Remember that this year is all about showing off that feminine style while still having those bold and interesting elements that draw attention to the outfits you choose to wear! As always Aero has these styles and more, cant wait to see you!


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