It's Fall Y'all!

Mackenzie Rich

It's FINALLY Fall and we're so excited! 

Everyone wants to look good and stay up-to-date from a fashion standpoint, but it’s an ever evolving world that’s hard to stay on top of. BUT this year's trends have to be our all time favorite! It’s easy to start letting darker winter colors start creeping out of your closet as temperatures slowly start to drop, but fight the urge as long as you can. Add a few splashes of mustard yellow, burgundy, and (our favorite) olive to your fall wardrobe and sway away from all the winter blacks and grays

Leopard print is the trend that never seems to go away; women have been wearing it for decades! While it works pretty much year-round, it is gorgeous for fall with darker colors and jewel tones. For many people Fall indicates a time to revert to their dark colored clothing, so leopard print is a great for adding pop to the navies, blacks, browns, and grays that Fall wardrobes are made of!

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