Back To School!

Jasmine Brown

Back to school shopping can be fun but it can also be frustrating and expensive but I have a few tips to get you through it without having to take out a second mortgage on your home all while still looking stylish and trendy! 

Rule #1: Mix and Match

The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to purchase items that you can easily mix and match with one another. I suggest choosing a color pallet that you like sticking with it for this season that way all of your clothes pair well together.

Rule #2: Choose Basics 

Be sure to choose a few basic pieces that can be worn under cardigans or with more bold pieces. Aero Boutique carries Piko Tops in all colors that go great with party pants or under colorful cardigans! We also carry basic jeggings that can be paired with literally anything you have! 

Rule #3: Bold Pieces

If you are on a budget which many of us are be sure to leave room in your budget to buy a few nice flashy pieces. By adding these nice pieces along with your budget buys your entire outfit will look expensive!

Rule #4: Accessorize!!!!

Don't be afraid to buy accessories! Accessories are often cheaper than clothing and they can be used to take a plain black top into a chic and trendy outfit! Experiment with many types of accessories including scarves, necklaces, and of course chunky earrings! 

If you follow these simple rules you are sure to get a great back to school wardrobe that even your teenage daughter will be excited to show off on the first day of school!  


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