A Mart Experience: As Told From A Buyer

Atlanta Wholesale Market

To truly explain an experience at Mart, you have to find yourself emerged in the chaos and wonder of it all. In this blog I will truly try to explain all the feelings one goes through when stepping through the doors of one of the biggest and most fascinating wholesale markets within the country. Although every experience is different I have always found it encouraging and helpful when I read what other people have experienced and try to take away a new sense in how I look at things. 

First things first, yes the Mart is in Atlanta and yes again,the traffic is messy. If your from this beautiful place we call the South you already know about the insane lane changes and maze like roads, add in millions of people and you have the beautiful and ever changing Atlanta Ga. In the heart of the city standing tall are three buildings that take up a 3 block radius, here you find Americas Market (Mart)

Once your parked and ready the fun part can begin. Have your map ready (yes, its this big) and a detailed list of what you need and want to see. Thousands and thousands of vendors are here so its always important to walk in there with a game plan and use the time you have wisely. When Kayla and the Aero girls go to mart, their intentions are simple, buy fashionable but affordable clothing that our customers will be proud to call there own. 

The first thing you will see as you go into the main building is the multiple floors with thousands of people walking around and looking throughout the showrooms. A bonus for anyone shopping with Kayla is actually having a one on one personal experience with all of the company's that she carries in the Aero stores. These companies know her name and exactly what price range she is looking for and the specific looks that compliment the personal styles of her customers. 

While your going from showroom to showroom its crucial to remain unbiased when choosing the never ending styles you will come across. I can truly say this is a step that Kayla has mastered, she can choose something floral with frills that will grab my attention, while also pulling a more edgy and care free style that grabs the attention of other members of our fun filled staff. Whatever style it may be the true winner here will always be our Aero customers, your suggestions and requests never go unheard or ignored.

I realize that at this point you may think this is a breeze, but as you look down at your fit-bit you realize you have walked over 14,000 steps and you have consumed all the new and unique styles for the upcoming season that you can handle. As the day comes to a close, you make sure all your invoices are in order and prepare for the shipment of boxes that will fill the stock room within the coming weeks. The hustle and bustle of a long day are over and you finally get to sit back and watch as the new styles make a splash within the stores.


xoxo, until next time

Niki P.

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