Meet The Aero Team-Taylor

Taylor Horton

Taylor Joined the Aero Team In November 2016.

Our newest and youngest member of the team is our sweet Taylor. Since the Opening of Aero Taylor has always felt a pull and desire to be part of the family. When the opportunity for employment arose she immediately knew she had to go for it! The moment she walked through the doors for her interview we all knew she was the perfect fit! Taylor has a certain calm about her that can relax a room full of people and make you feel welcomed. These traits are certainly going to help her achieve her dreams and goals of becoming a history teacher. Taylor is a student at ABAC studying for her bachelors in history with later desires to go forward with a Masters in secondary education. Taylor's drive and determination has not only shown in her studies but, in her work here at Aero.  

The part about this blog I love the most is writing about what each person is passionate about. When I sit down to write I want to make sure that the love and dedication to this passion is told exactly the way the individual feels. Taylor certainty made that easy when she told me about her love for all things music. As a rule Taylor stays open to every genre and looks forward to listening to anything new. Whether at at concert or music festival Taylor described the feeling of being around people and enjoying the moment as something that could move the soul. 

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