Meet The Aero Team- Katie

Niki Powell

Katie Arnold 

Katie Joined the Aero Team in February of 2016.

Katie is certainly our free spirit here at Aero. With an amazing connection with customers she can definitely get you out of your comfort zone and into new and inspiring fashions. While growing up Katie always found a connection between business and fashion, both were an absolute must in her future. After graduating Tift County High In 2015 she jumped right into college with a focus on a bachelors degree in Business. Her future plans are still in the works but, she definitely knows she wants to stay in a profession and environment like Aero.

When it comes to the Aero Team we all have a talent or passion that helps us stand out in the crowd. Katie has a passion and flair for all things beauty and makeup related. In her spare time she uses her imagination to create unique and custom looks which show off her true talent.     

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