Meet The Team-Mckenna

Mckenna Marsh

(Kenna) Joined the Aero team in August 2015

Kenna tops the charts here at Aero for having the most bubbly and positive personality! Never in a bad mood, Mckenna is always a ray of sunshine for both our Aero employees and our customers. Kenna is always putting others before herself, so it comes as no surprise that her education and life goal is centered around helping others. Kenna is scheduled to graduate from VSU in 2019 with her RN degree. Her love and desire to help others, especially children has made a huge impact on her decision to specialize in pediatrics. 

Mckenna's love for mentoring children can be seen in her days off, when she nanny's a little girl. The child has grown to see Kenna as a role model, and more than just a babysitter. She has even gone so far as to ask for a hair cut to 'look like Kenna' shortly after Mckenna cut her hair. Kenna says that she couldn't imagine her life without nanny-ing her sweet girl, and knows she has gained a life-long friend.


Without a doubt Kenna brings love and compassion to the Aero environment as well as in her day to day life. She radiates joy and a positive outlook and we see her as an important part of our Aero team.

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