Do you really love it?

Jasmine Brown

Unfortunately for many of us we are not millionaires and therefore we can't have every single thing we like. However the good news is most of us can have every single thing we LOVE! So many shoppers come into Aero and complain that they have a closet full of clothes but still have nothing to wear! This is because these women are buying things they don't LOVE! It is so easy to get caught up in buying things you don't love if you are not careful. Friends can pressure you to buy things or you could be a procrastinator shopper who waits until the last minute to buy for that special occasion and then you end up settling! Settling for something that is "just okay". This is not okay! Looking into your closet should be inspiring! It should be like walking into your favorite boutique where everything is 100% OFF! Unfortunately this is not the case for many. Most people view their closet as a cave full of regrets and wasted money. I am here to give you a few helpful tips on transforming that boring dull money pit into a Pinterest worthy closet that makes you feel as if you could conquer the world. Ask yourself these simple questions before you make a purchase and your closet will come together in no time. 

1.) Do you really LOVE it?

When you are shopping around and you spot something that at first glance you think is fabulous take a second and re-examine whatever it is that you are checking out. Is it you? Is this something you are going to reach for every morning or at least one a week? Does it inspire you?

2.) Is it practical for your everyday life? 

Whether you are a professional working woman or a stay at home mom you must buy your wardrobe to cater to your everyday life. For example if you are a stay at home mom your closet should be full of jeggings, fun cardigans and flats. These items will make running after that toddler a little easier while also keeping you fashionable. Of course every woman needs a LBD or a chic pencil skirt but these items are special. These items should only consume 25% of her wardrobe while sensible trendy clothing should takeover the rest. 

3. ) Is the price right?

This question can be a little more difficult to answer because what is a reasonable price for a nice pair of riding boots is not a reasonable price for a blouse. If buying this top will cause your family to go bankrupt or fall into any kind of financial distress you will regret buying, do not buy that top! 

If you answered yes to all of these questions you will soon be staring into your very own whimsical dream closet where everything you look at has a special place in your heart. Congratulations! Stop by Aero Boutique where our expert shopping advisers will be glad to help you find items that you love for a very reasonable price! 

Until Next time loves!


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