Beauty is only Skin Deep

Jasmine Brown

Have you ever checked yourself out in the mirror after hours of getting ready and picking out the perfect outfit and been disappointed? You just figured you can't look like those other girls, you just don't have it in you. This is totally 100% NOT true. Those other girls know secrets that you don't know yet. They know that looking your best begins wayyy before finding the perfect outfit! 

Looking your best is not just based on one thing like having the best designer pumps (although that does tend to help your confidence level) it begins with your skin, your nails, and your hair! If any of these things are not being properly taken care of then it won't matter if Carrie Bradshaw dressed you herself you will still not have that glamorous put-together look that we are all striving for.

First and foremost skin care is THE most important thing in your beauty regiment! You must must must wash your make-up off every single night and apply a good moisturizer! Finding the right products for your skin may be challenging but we promise it will be worth it! No matter what type of make up you are using without a smooth healthy canvas to put it on it won't look its best! 

Next we need to talk about nails. No matter what line of work you are in people are constantly seeing your hands and in order for you to look your best they need to be manicured at all times. This doesn't mean that they must be long or covered in rhinestones nor does this mean that you have to spend a fortune at the nail salon. All this means is that your nails are clean and trimmed at all times! Some people like to paint designs on their nails, some people are into getting a French Manicure. Whatever you are into is fine as long as they are neat and clean! You will be shocked at how many compliments you will get on your nails when they look good! 

The last thing that must be dealt with in order for you to look your absolute best is your mane! Your hair can make or break your look! The style of your hair is not particularly important, what is important is the health of your hair! I know it is hard to resist bleaching our hair out for Summer and chemically straightening our uncontrollable curls, but no matter what color or texture your hair is it will NOT look good if your ends are totally fried. If you are guilty of damaging your mane it's okay just cut off your dead ends throw on a moisturizing hair mask and start fresh! 

Once you begin incorporating these important steps into your routine you will notice a huge difference in your overall appearance. You will look refreshed and alive and you will be looking hot in your new designer pumps!  Until next time! 


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