Bachelorette Party Attire

Anna Pate

Alright, so this coming up weekend is my bachelorette party and I am struggling to find the perfect outfit. There are a few possibilities that all upcoming brides-to-be absolutely love! 

First, we have the classic white dress. This dress is the epitome of the perfect bachelorette.

You. as the bride, wear white and make your ladies wear black or whatever color of your choosing. I love the idea, but me in white is a scary thought. Maybe you're like me and everything is attracted to you even more when you're in white...say like spaghetti. 

Second, we have the color scheme. This option is for those brides who love everything to coordinate and look amazing for pictures! 

Ladies, this is a great option for bigger groups so you can have more variety of styles of dresses and color choices! 

Third, we have the all black classic option. I love this look because of all the accessories you can choose from to glam up that LBD you've been dying to wear! 

This will probably be the option I choose due to my lack of grace and the fact that I am dying to wear my new LBD! 

No matter what you choose, or even come up with on your own, go out and have a good time because you are celebrating your last little bit of freedom before you marry the love of your life! 

Stay fancy and shop Aero for your perfect bachelorette dress! 

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