Twinning is Winning

Anna Pate

Alright ladies, let's take a second to think about our clothes.... now let's think about what our friends wear.... Similar right? 

We'll this past weekend I was thinking about how many times I've shown up somewhere wearing something that my friends have in their closets. And that got me to thinking, is twinning really winning? I would like to think so purely based on this picture. 

That is a picture that Kayla and I took one day after we got this adorable dress in. We couldn't resist being twinsies for a few minutes. 

Having the same exact wardrobe might be a little strange, but having similar pieces just means that you both have good taste and you two were destined to be friends. 

Twinning with your friend could just mean wearing the same amazingly comfortable tank in different colors, like Mychal Riley and Heather are doing in this picture. 

All that aside, just know that it is okay to have the same clothes in your closet that your friends do. After all, you're friends for a reason, right? 

Stay fancy and twin sometime this week! 

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