Back to school already?

Anna Pate

Well it's that wonderful time of year time!  

Don't dread the new school year because this is going to be the year that you rock academics and fashion!  You're sure to make all A's if you're wearing adorable outfits that make you feel like a million bucks! 

Some of our Aero basics for back to school are:

*PIKOS* (always a must have….in every color ever!)

*ruffle sleeved tops* (always a hit with students and teachers)

*party pants* (so easy to throw on in the morning with a piko)

*simple cardigans* (these let you wear your favorite tank from the summer and get away with it)

*jeggings* (these must have pockets makes them look more like real jeans!)

Here are just a couple of simple outfits that make the day comfortable and productive! 

No matter if you're starting Pre-K or your last year of college, teaching your first year or your 30th, find that outfit that makes you happy and you'll be unstoppable! Attitude is everything and if you start your year out right, you're sure to finish it the same way! 

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