You better invest in a vest!

Vests are this years hottest item and we can't keep them stocked on our shelves! Everyone needs a vest, no matter your style. This year the fuzz and fur are back in a BIG way. Puffer vests are also making a very much needed comeback. 

You can have the "teddy bear hugging me" effect with out most popular vests. The fuzz and fur make you feel warm and snugly all day long. You won't want to ever take it off! These can come in a variety of types from hooded to no hood, or teddy bear soft to woolen. 

Another big vest is our puffer vest! We were shocked to see it making such a big comeback. We all reminisce about the 90s and their grunge fashion, right? Well it is back. Pair this puffer vest with a bit of plaid for a look straight outta 1991! 

If fur and puff isn't really your thing, try out a long crocheted or suede vest. These are very hippie inspired and WE LOVE IT! This type of vest is so easy to throw on with any outfit to make it instantly feel more carefree. Personally, I wear mine all the time and wouldn't know what to do without it. 

Vests are the hottest trend this fall and stock up ladies! You won't regret it! 

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