Birthday Bliss

Anna Nichols

Well, today is my 24th birthday. Some of you might say...Oh you're not that old, you've still got plenty of years ahead of you! I agree with that, completely. In my 24 years I have learned a lot. The number one thing I have learned was that growing up is NOT for the faint of heart. I'm not saying that I'm not grateful for everyday, because I am. However, this growing up thing was not what I had imagined when I was younger. 

Everyone has a thought of how wonderful and easy life would be if I could just drive, graduate college, get married, have my own place and just all around be an adult.'s hard. It is so worth it, but it is difficult growing up. 

Driving was the first taste of freedom that most of us had, and wasn't it so sweet! I can remember the day I went to take my test. It was terrifying. The next big thing would be to graduate college on my way to adulthood. Sure in college you make adult decisions and most of us live on our own for the first time with roommates, but you still act like a child with your friends on the weekends and in the late nights you'll enjoy. Graduating college was such a milestone for me because I had dreams about walking across that stage to get my diploma for a long as I could remember. I had never been prouder of myself than in those few minutes! 

Marriage soon came for me after graduation and I only thought that college graduation was the best day of my life. I was so wrong. Nothing in life will be as special as your wedding day! Mine was absolutely magical....a headache to plan...but magical! With being married, of course you need a house! Well we now have our own place and it is nothing like living with my best friends from high school in college. Dishes and laundry constantly pile up. You always have to take care of each other when the other is sick. You feel like there will always be something to clean and fix and decorate more, but you love it! Sharing a home, our home, with my husband is the best! 

Right now, typing this fashion blog that has absolutely nothing to do with fashion today, I am the happiest I've ever been! I can look back at the achievements that I've accomplished throughout the years and smile. I can also look forward to the ones that I will achieve in my 24th year and on into the future! 

P.S.- Always take time to be proud of yourself in everything you achieve. Life moves too fast not to! 

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