Wedding Season is here!!!

Jasmine Brown

Wedding season is upon us and the most frequent question I am constantly being asked this time of year is, "What is appropriate for _______ kind of wedding?" Lets all tell the truth, your first reaction after you get that fancy invitation in the mail is "What am I going to wear?" Dressing for a wedding can be difficult because you don't want to be over dressed but you certainly don't want to be under dressed. Sometimes your invitation will specify whether the wedding is casual or black tie, but sometimes it doesn't and what do you do in those situations? I'm going to discuss three types of weddings from most casual to most formal. 

First daytime weddings that are outside. These weddings are usually the most casual of all weddings. For these most anything goes aside from jeans of course! You can rock party pants or even a nice sundress with sandals or wedges and some cute jewelry! Something like the picture below would be great for a daytime outside wedding! 

The next type of wedding you may be attending is a daytime church wedding. These weddings are slightly more formal simply because they are being held in a church and people expect you to dress nicely when you go into a church. For this occasion be sure to check and make sure your hemline is appropriate and not too short and try to find something in a dressier fabric like chiffon. Stay away from cotton and linen dresses! You may also what to have a dress that has sleeves rather than going strapless! The outfit below would be perfect for a daytime church wedding! Be sure that for Church weddings that you choose wedges or heels over sandals! 

The most formal wedding you may be attending this Summer is a nighttime wedding. Whether you are indoor or outside, nighttime weddings are much more formal than daytime weddings. People who have nighttime weddings pull all the stops to have a perfect night and they expect you to do the same. For this occasion a cocktail dress is advised and it is highly suggested that you pair it with a nice pair of heels and a clutch. Bring your A game for these weddings or you will standout but not for the reason you want to! In the picture below you can see she is sporting a simple black dress with an interesting neckline paired with a simple black clutch and pulled back hair. She is looking chic and sophisticated but not so much that she is taking attention away from the bride! 

Shopping for a wedding outfit can be almost as stressful as shopping for a wedding dress yourself but don't stress out about it. Just keep looking and you will find what what you are looking for! Also don't procrastinate! Start shopping for your outfit at least one month before the wedding so you have plenty of time for alterations if you need them! Until next time ladies! 


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