The 70s are Stayin' Alive!

Anna Nichols

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the newest fashion trend is actually a throwback. The 70s are back! Bell bottoms, fringe, tie dye, and wedges...the whole decade is back and we are LOVING it!!!! 

I was personally a little skeptical when I saw that we had bell bottoms in our store, but once I put them on I was instantly obsessed. So obsessed, really, that I have them on right now. Don't be skeptical like I was, just embrace the 70s style that is all around you right now. You mama will be so proud when you break out you bells and fringe that she'll pull hers out too! 

Fringe is another HUGE trend. Fringe bottoms shirts, fringe vests, fringe booties. FRINGE! FRINGE! FRINGE! Okay, so I've made it clear that you NEEEEEED fringe in your wardrobe. 

TIE DYE OMG! It is everywhere and it is another thing you need!!! It's not your typical tie dye though. We have tops, tunics, and dresses in tie dye that are to die for! You can wear them with jeans, jeggings, leggings and booties for a complete look perfect for the disco! 

Wedges are HUGE right now. All of the cutest booties have a wedge heel and are perfect for whatever outfit you could possibly have. Get them in a basic color like rust or taupe for a basic color perfect for whatever. Needless to say, you HAVE TO HAVE a pair of them! Most of us girls at Aero have 3 or more... #shoeprobs 

Alright, so the 70s are back. Embrace it. Channel it. Live it. You parents will be so proud and you will be not only trendy, but extremely comfy! 

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