School Days, Weekend Nights

We know you're back to school, or almost, and hating it already. You miss the summer nights hanging out with your friends and staying up all night talking about boys and Instagram photos. Well....just because you're in school doesn't mean that you have to give all that up. Weekends are back at it and those warm nights deserve some new clothes that can help you hold on to summer a little longer. 

Obviously you can't wear this adorable romper to school. That old teacher who has been there forever would flip out and turn your in for sure. But this doesn't mean you can't still have it in your closet waiting for Friday and Saturday night! 

This dress is perfect for this hot weather and just because you'd have to cover it up at school doesn't mean you should retire it until next year. I heard a girl who was back to school clothes shopping say to her mom, this is the perfect weekend party dress! 

School is back in and there is a dictator watching every piece of clothing you wear, but just remember...there is always the weekend! Dress cute and enjoy it! 

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