Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So, it has been raining in South Georgia for a few days now and we are so over it. Our hair has been frizzing, our pants legs have been soaked, and our shoes have been flat and never completely waterproof. Now don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for the rain, but man does it cramp my work style. 

Our showers are never consistent with anything. They always just do what they want and one minute it can be as black as night and flooding and the next so sunny and beautiful. This South Georgia weather is something else, to say the least. Dressing for the weather is not for those people who don't pay attention to the weather channel or all those fancy apps we have on our phones now. You never quite know how the day is going to go when we're in this wacky weather. With that being said, dressing appropriately is EXTREMELY difficult. 

The weekend was easy to dress for; yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt. Umbrella ALWAYS be your side. The work week is a different story completely. You have to factor in whether or not you'll have to brave the elements going to and from work....usually a definite yes. Well, you can't wear shoes that will hold rain all day. That is just uncomfortable and who wants that? Also, you NEVER want to have wet pants legs when you have to stay all day in the office. Tops and dresses aren't really a big deal unless the wind is bad. Pay attention to the wind. It'll always try to catch you in a Marilyn Monroe moment. And your hair is a whole new problem that could probably get it's own blog: frizzy hair gone wild. 

With all the negative things I've just said about the stormy weather, there are a few positives. Rain boots, rain coats, and umbrellas! All of them can monogrammed to add an extra factor of cuteness to brighten your dreary day! Rain boots might not be the most comfortable footwear, but they work! Rain coats are my favorite go-to in the time of a storm because they can go with any outfit and no one will look at your funny. Umbrellas are also an extremely popular item to carry throughout the storm. Hello, Rihanna wrote a song about them after all. Umbrellas are great, unless the wind is crazy and there is a ton of lightening. Hence, why I love the raincoat so much. 

Regardless of how the weather is, I always keep these items on deck. Growing up in the south made me realize that any time of any day can be storm time. Stay alert, stay prepared, stay safe! 

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