New Year, New You

Anna Nichols

Well it's about that time again to start the New Years Resolutions. Everyone is gearing up for those new and beloved gym memberships after eating so much during the holidays. People are becoming increasingly philosophical in the new year. It's the same old, same old every year.

Sure we do great right off the bat, but what about during the middle of the year? Do you ever stop and make smaller resolutions like: I'm going to not eat sweets during the months of January and February? I'm going to exercise (and actually use my newly purchased gym membership) throughout the first of the year, at least? I'm going to completely change my image and outlook on life, gradually? 

Well I've always been one to think that great change doesn't happen overnight, and if it does, chances are it won't last. You have to work for the changes you want most. So why would you put some much pressure on yourself to change everything from the previous year, or years, all at once? 

Sure, change is good and without it we won't survive, but none of the good changes happened overnight. So this new year, try to take baby steps in your changes to see a (hopefully) better impact on yourself and 2016! You only get this year once, so make it the best one yet! 

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